CSE manufactures conveyors to your specification as a complement to your existing systems or new stand-alone motorized or gravity units.

Modification to existing systems to perform more efficiently and/or perform differently (e.g. faster, slower, change direction, lengthen, shorten, and more.)

Installation of new and/or used conveyors supplied by CSE or any manufacturer of your choice.

Maintenance and Repair of most brands and types of conveyor systems and equipment, and can provide full-service maintenance and preventive maintenance to ensure the maximum useful life of your systems either by contract or one-time visit.

Replacement Parts in many cases can be produced in our shop if not readily available on the shelf.

Conveyor Relocation, CSE can relocate your conveyor system within your facility in southern California. In many cases, we can relocate the entire facility.

CSE manufactured products are free from defects with regard to workmanship and materials.

CSE will repair or replace at no cost any of its manufactured parts proving defective materials or workmanship for a period of one year or 2800 hr.